Lead Inspections/Risk Assessments

At four the environment, we provide lead-based paint inspections and risk assessments on all single-family, multi-family, and commercial real estate across the country. We have a team of certified Lead-Based Paint professionals that comply with local, state, and federal guidelines and requirements and are knowledgeable about current and upcoming laws and regulations regarding lead-based paint for both commercial and residential applications.

Lead-Based paint Inspections

A lead-based paint inspection is a surface by surface evaluation to determine the presence, location, and severity of lead-based paint on homes built before 1978, or child-occupied facilities such as a daycare or school. The findings are then recorded and provided to you as a report detailing the findings, and the conclusion of the investigation done on the property. Lead inspections are done using a device called an X-Ray fluorescence or XRF Device. This device is designed to scan all painted surfaces of the home to determine the level of lead in the paint. These levels are then compared to the EPA threshold for the allowed amount of lead in paint which currently stands at 1.0 mg/cm2. Any reading over this amount is considered lead-based paint. 

Risk Assessments 

A risk assessment performed by a certified risk assessor will identify any lead hazards associated with lead inside the home or property. Once found, these hazards usually require some action to stabilize, enclose, or encapsulate the hazard. It is important to note that risk assessments are done on the entire property, including any lead hazards in paint, soil, and lead-based dust. Some local laws require a risk assessment and lead inspection done in order to rent or purchase a property. Currently, the City of Detroit rental property ordinance requires both in order to rent a home to another individual.

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